Boeun House / Y GROUP

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(13) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee
  • Architects: Y GROUP
  • Location: Boeun-gun, South Korea
  • Space: m2
  • Challenge 12 months: 2018
  • Pictures: Namsun Lee, Lovehouse
  • Development To Land Ratio: 22.576%
  • Ground Space Ratio: 20.357%
boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Love_House_(3) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Lovehouse

Textual content description equipped through the architects. The 5th space. A space very similar to stem and leaves, gratitude space. It is a space of multi-cultural circle of relatives of Korea and Vietnam. It is a space that has the largest space of 6 space and two households oldsters, youngsters, and marriage couple, general of seven folks will are living. Taking into account two households oldsters’ line of go with the flow, no personal area for marriage couple earlier than, no toilet for the youngsters, we be troubled organize the distance.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(17) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

We modified the home association a number of instances to save lots of the persimmon that grandfather planted 50 years in the past. Persimmon displays the historical past of the land and the surroundings was once stored.

There may be quite a lot of traces outside and inside the home the place you’ll enjoy more than a few inside and external area, making use of Le Corbusier’s prom.
We implemented line of conciliation, front door, and a conciliatory path of the street connecting the lengthy hallway to Palgala hall. In any case, prom is a method to attach the center of Vietnam and Korea, and the idea that connects emotionally to not really feel lonely outside and inside of the home.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(11) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

Idea of Village
We categorical a connection between an alley and space of village construction to the home. The corridor mates an alley and rooms, kitchen, lounge offers a picture subsequent to the road. We attempted to position the picture of surroundings once we first got here to this space.

By means of combining the multi-cultural circle of relatives’s spirit, the idea that of stem and leaves was once implemented. The corridor performs a job of stem and the rooms give a picture of leaves.
The symbolic lengthy hallway connects with a lot of method areas and a part of the position of fundamental space trail. The explanation why the home seems to be giant is as a result of this hallway. If truth be told, the rooms are very small, however the hallway, kitchen, and the lounge areas are all open, which makes the home glance giant.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(1) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

Non-public and Public
Since each households oldsters are living in combination, we divide private and non-private area. Having a corridor as an ordinary, personal areas (room) and public areas (kitchen and lounge) are separated. It is also the idea that of separation of carrier area (lounge, kitchen).

boeun_project_plan_1F Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture First Ground Plan

More than a few Quantity
Sloped roof and space is articulated through the hall, giving the variety of area. While you glance from upside, it seems like bunch of grape form of space, but it surely began through the idea that of plant, natural farming structure.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(28) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

Different rooms
At the innermost facet, the grandparents’ room has cooling home windows within the east and south facet. By means of making the ground a little bit bit up, the grandparents can see their grandchildren enjoying at outdoor, and the room with retinispora has the theme of well being. Maternal grandmother’s room is close to the doorway. By means of making somewhat a ways away, can communicate in Vietnamese along with her daughter and feature a rest room the place she will use along with her daughter.
The wedding couple’s room and the youngsters’s room meet every different. It is the first personal room to the wedding couple after their marriage, and double-deck mattress for the youngsters. Additionally youngsters can move out to the yard from their room. The explanation why the toilet is huge is as a result of father can bathtub along side their youngsters, bathtub with members of the family, and grandparents can bathtub very easily. Being not able to get a right kind toilet, the circle of relatives washed within the room, so using the toilet will build up.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(24) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

By means of fending off low hill within the north, have loose area, through the idea that of courtyard, privateness backyard was once put in. Additionally, the doorway backyard, the interior backyard, and extra was once built as more than a few external area backyard. Additionally, through putting in pavilion within the wayside, this area is not personal anymore, it is a position the place the entire village folks can use publicly.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(14) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

By means of leaving an opening between the mass and the mass and having external area, save space lights space. In the meantime, having the downwind trail area, it offers a brand new lifestyles and giving a space to breath for a very long time. In the lounge, there’s a window in east and west facet, kitchen window on north facet, and window of again backyard is on south facet, so whilst you stand within the center you’ll really feel the trail of pass sort wind.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(15) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

A big circle of relatives wishes area to come back in combination in conjunction with personal areas too. It connects the kitchen and the lounge area as a core area of the home which may also be attached to the outdoor courtyard. This area is verbal exchange kitchen method lounge. In different phrases, it is a node of this space.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(30) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

To really feel the Vietnamese feeling, the pastel tones had been implemented to the outside partitions and the roof, additionally more than a few colours to the internal ornament. In any case, to not really feel the loneliness of house nation, and a brand new essential serve as of village, more than a few colours have been implemented.

boeun_project_%C2%AE%C5%93Namsun_Lee_(9) Boeun House / Y GROUP Architecture © Namsun Lee

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