Britain’s Giant Hillside Chalk Figures

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The Westbury White Horse carved at the hillside close to Westbury in Wiltshire, England. Photo credit score: tipwarm/

A big portion of Southern England is made up of chalk. This white limestone are the shells of tiny marine organisms that lived and died within the seas that after coated a lot of Britain some 90 million years in the past. As time stepped forward, layers of calcium carbonate constructed up and were given compacted right into a cast layer of rock. Later, tectonic actions lifted the ocean flooring out of the ocean and those turned into the magnificent downland in south of England.

Much of this chalk is hidden via a skinny layer of soil and crops, except for at the edges the place the chalk is uncovered to the ocean, resulting in such dramatic headlands because the white cliffs of Dover, Beachy Head and The Needles. For centuries other folks had been scratching away the topsoil to show the whitish layer of chalk to create gigantic artworks at the nation-state. When the bedrock isn’t made from chalk, other folks have dug trenches and stuffed them with chalk introduced from in different places. The artistic endeavors are in most cases made at the hillside in order that they’re visual from the space. This is vital, as a result of ceaselessly the chalk figures are so massive they may be able to handiest be preferred from some distance away.

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