Cabin 192 / JiA

Caban%CC%83a_192_Foto_02 Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture © Alfredo Martiz
  • Architects: JiA
  • Location: Altos del Maria, Panama
  • Architect In Charge: Jose Isturain
  • Area: 36.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographer: Alfredo Martiz, Nadine Sam,
  • Collaborators: Hector Ayarza, Benito De Gracia
  • Technical Consultant: Jose T. Isturain
Caban%CC%83a_192_Foto_01 Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture © Alfredo Martiz

Text description equipped through the architects. Thinking about developing an area for you and your circle of relatives frequently leads to a utopia.
The 192 is a circle of relatives challenge, which is conceived in the longer term, and is composed of three cabins and a primary area.

Caban%CC%83a_192_Foto_07 Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture © Nadine Sam

In this situation, the purchasers – my folks and my two brothers – agree that we didn’t aspire to have a luxurious or ostentatious challenge. Rather, we at all times aspire to have an area the place we will be able to meet as a circle of relatives, a easy and cheap challenge.

Cabin_192_Site_plan Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture Site Plan
Cabin_192_Diagram Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture Diagram
Cabin_192_Section Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture Section

The cabin 192, is situated in Altos del María, a mountainous space on the west sector of Panama.

Caban%CC%83a_192_Foto_08 Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture © Nadine Sam

When visiting the website for the primary time, we spotted the massive selection of pine bushes -a species no longer local to this region- and we understood that the website will have to be reforested with local species that will produce the essential shadows to  beef up environmental convenience.

Caban%CC%83a_192_Foto_06 Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture © Nadine Sam

From there, we determined to reuse the wooden of the pines to incorporate it within the challenge. One section used to be used for the fringe fence of the lot, and the opposite for the cabin.
The cabin has best 36 m2 (2d flooring) and 21 m2 (flooring flooring), has its toilet, the bed room and a kitchenette.

open-uri20181031-4049-6gijpg Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture

We base  the design procedure on elementary ideas of tropical structure: elevating the hut above the herbal soil stage to stay the humidity of the tropics off; we generate a higher perimeter window that permits to stay the home cool and we come with pallet home windows that let us to regulate the air flow.

Caban%CC%83a_192_Foto_03 Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture © Alfredo Martiz

In the similar means we paintings with a mixed construction machine: pine wooden beams and columns, fiber cement forums for partitions and flooring, steel mooring construction and an insulated thermopanel EPS for the ceiling.

The challenge no longer best had native team of workers, but additionally my father, my brothers and buddies participated all the way through the development procedure.
The cabin 192, is an excessively private challenge, that seeks to transmit the peace and calmness that simplicity gives, an fundamental structure.

7w99Io97kmg Cabin 192 / JiA Architecture