Can a typeface help your reminiscence?

How again and again have you ever typed notes in a assembly or lecture room, best to overlook the whole thing the minute you walked out the door? And may one thing so simple as a typeface resolve the issue?

A staff of researchers on the RMIT Behavioral Business Lab in Melbourne, Australia, have evolved Sans Forgetica, a typeface design that pulls at the rules of cognitive science to help customers higher take into account their notes.

Sans Forgetica uses the Gestalt legislation of closure, which occurs when an object seems incomplete in the beginning sight. The mind, figuring out that there are lacking portions, makes an attempt to finish the picture, remaining the unfavorable house or including nonexistent portions. You can see how this works within the panda of the WWF emblem:

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[Image: WWF]

In the case of Sans Forgetica, letters’ shapes are left incomplete on objective, making them slightly recognizable in the beginning sight. But sufficient is left of them for the mind to accomplish its reputation job. In impact, the mind has to enter overdrive to finish the letters.  This leads to what the RMIT scientists name a “fascinating issue,” pushing the mind to have interaction extra and move deeper into the cognitive procedure.

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[Image: RMIT Behavioral Business Lab]

According to the researchers, all of the cognitive procedure ends up in stepped forward reminiscence retention: Since your mind has to paintings tougher to acknowledge the phrases, they declare, the additional power will lead to an a deeper assimilation of what you decode, burning it in your mind.

The designers have now not printed any clinical take a look at to again up their claims, so take this with a grain of salt. But RMIT lecturer and typographer Stephen Banham talks right here about how he labored with the general public college’s Behavioral Business Lab to “take a look at and refine the typeface to acquire an optimum degree of fascinating issue.” That is: Something now not too exhausting to decode as to sluggish your studying procedure down, however now not really easy that you just overlook the whole thing.

Banham’s good judgment turns out forged and inline with what a professor of mine taught me again within the day: “You will memorize higher from your personal notes than from the ebook, as a result of your mind must spend extra time interpreting your horrible handwriting.” Give Sans Forgetica a check out right here at no cost.