Create illustrated portraits from photos

I studied positive artwork and portray ways and for a very long time was once totally in opposition to the speculation of going virtual. I simply didn't see the purpose of it till I set to work professionally as an illustrator. I then needed to get started making adjustments to illustrations as asked by means of purchasers. This approach you need to be fairly versatile in the way in which you’re employed, which makes conventional pen and paper drawing much less sensible.

I very steadily transitioned to virtual drawing. Being in a position to paintings in layers is amazingly freeing, you abruptly have such a lot freedom to switch issues and experiment. I really like the sense that no determination you’re making is everlasting, the entirety will also be undone, so it makes me so much much less treasured about my paintings and braver about experimentation and play. 

Now that I'm the use of Procreate at the iPad Pro, I think like I've come complete circle – the paintbrushes and pencil brushes really feel so herbal and free, it's virtually like I'm if truth be told portray once more.

01. Trace photograph

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The authentic photograph Anna Higgie used to make this portrait

I used to even be fairly in opposition to the speculation of tracing a photograph, or advising any person to – as I do with the portrait on this information. Tracing is more or less 'dishonest', however if you’re a assured drawer initially and know how to attract a face, then it may be a useful software in the event you're in a rush and wish to seize a precise likeness – when doing fast editorial jobs, for instance. 

First, make a choice the photograph you're going to make use of. Unless you need to create a portrait with a dramatic chiaroscuro impact and a number of dense shading, keep away from pictures with a large number of vivid gentle, darkish shadow and distinction. Ideally you need one this is neatly lit with delicate, herbal gentle.

I additionally assume it provides a truly great texture to virtual art work in the event you use a herbal paper texture as a base. You may scan your individual at a excessive answer and import it to Procreate, it’s worthwhile to obtain this choice of loose textures, or you’ll be able to to find a lot on Google symbol seek. Type in 'herbal paper texture' or 'paper grunge texture' and to find one this is high-res and legally to be had to make use of. Then open an A3 report at 400 dpi in Procreate, import the paper texture, and resize it so it fills the canvas in portrait layout; then import the photograph you could have selected.

02. Add components

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Higgie provides a inventory photograph of an egg bap as a separate Layer on Procreate, then does the similar with a serviette

Resize the photograph so it fills the canvas. Keep the topic quite central however you’ll want to depart enough room round them. You need the detrimental house round your matter to kind of be the similar house as the dimensions of the topic. This creates a pleasant stability within the composition. 

For this portrait, the buyer sought after the topic to be consuming some breakfast – they steered a bacon and egg bap. I discovered a inventory photograph of a bap on Google, stored and imported it, then resized it in percentage with the topic. Then I moved the bap photograph down onto the desk and used the Lasso software to make a choice the bap and lower away the background.

I sought after so as to add a serviette beneath the bap, so I repeated the method with a inventory serviette photograph. Once you could have the entire components of your composition in position – you're in a position to render!

03. Work with layers

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Higgie starts by means of drawing her matter’s face, beginning with the eyes

Merge the 3 Layers (matter and further breakfast Layers) so they’re one unmarried Layer, then cut back the opacity of that Layer to round 40 or 50 according to cent. Next, choose your pen. For this representation I used the Studio Pen. I additionally truly like Ink Bleed for portraits, the Shale brush (beneath Calligraphy) and the Technical pencil. Then choose black, or every other very darkish color like gray, as your brush color. 

I at all times get started with essentially the most tricky factor to seize, the face and hair. I learn an interview with Lucian Freud as soon as the place he mentioned to 'at all times get started with the eyes', and this has at all times caught with me. I spend a very long time fiddling to get them proper. I additionally love to have amusing with the hair. Let your mark making get truly free and waft alongside the curves of the hair. Accuracy isn’t essential in terms of hair. Really exaggerate the curves of the strands and get expressive!

Throughout the method, stay turning off the photograph Layer to test how the drawing Layer seems at the paper – you'll see instantly if it's having a look just a little bizarre and wonky. Though bizarre and wonky will also be just right every now and then!

04. Get expressive

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When drawing folds of clothes, you’ll want to building up your brush measurement

If you do wish to erase one thing at this level, I counsel taking the eraser right down to 60 according to cent opacity, so you permit a faint hint of what got here sooner than. This is helping to keep away from your virtual drawing having a look too virtual, absolute best and chilly, and provides the outcome just a little extra motion and texture. Keep in the ones imperfections!

Draw in the remainder of the topic and any items you need to incorporate, the use of the similar brush on the identical weight. For this representation I selected to go away out the background components. Turn off the photograph layer, take a look at what you've drawn to this point and take a look at you're satisfied. 

Next, building up the dimensions of your brush to attract the clothes. I feel it's great to have contrasting line weights, it offers a extra dynamic really feel. A bit like with the hair, accuracy isn’t essential when drawing the folds of the material. Enjoy the use of squiggly fats expressive traces and don't concern to a lot about getting it absolute best. I most often do that mark making on a brand new Layer – after which erase the puts the place the traces overlap (on 100 according to cent opacity this time to stay it blank).

05. Add color

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Once you are satisfied together with your piece, you’ll be able to export it in a position for modifying in VSCO

Now I'm going so as to add color. To accomplish that, I choose my favorite brush for making use of color, the Wet Acrylic brush. I open a brand new Multiply Layer and observe the background color first, within the detrimental house at the back of the topic. Then, so as to simply tidy up the overlapping edges of color, observe color to the remainder of the representation on separate Multiply Layers. 

I most often observe the color fairly messily with the comb on a big environment, after which tidy up the sides with the eraser. Zoom in and open a brand new Normal Layer, and upload some flecks of white at the eyes. Reduce the opacity of the layer just a little if it seems just a little too vivid and cruel. Then export your report as a flat jpeg, and import it into your photograph modifying tool or app of your selection (I use VSCO) for some refined changes.

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