Foucault Pendulum And The Pantheon

In the previous Latin quarter in Paris, stands a powerful 18th century construction—the temple to the entire gods, the Pantheon. Originally built as a church devoted to St. Genevieve, it was once later transformed right into a mausoleum containing the stays of prominent French electorate comparable to Voltaire, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, Marie and Pierre Curie, and Jean Moulin. Today, the Pantheon resembles much less of a church and extra of a museum. The church had lengthy been stripped off its altar. In the apse, as an alternative, hangs from below the central dome, a big steel pendulum that demanding situations the very ideals the Church as soon as held.

foucault-pendulum-pantheon-26?imgmax=1600 Foucault Pendulum And The Pantheon Random

Foucault pendulum on the Pantheon, in Paris. Photo credit score: Misko/Flickr

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