Hallsands: The Village That Fell To The Sea

The island of Great Britain is shrinking. Every yr a number of toes of land is washed away via the pounding waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Every few a long time a village is misplaced. From the coast of Yorkshire within the north, to the long-lasting chalk cliffs on England’s south coast, the ocean is gaining land at a mean of five toes at the northern finish to eight inches on the southern. The Holderness sea coast particularly, at the east coast of England simply north of the Humber Estuary, is one of the quickest eroding coastlines in Europe because of its comfortable clay cliffs and robust waves. Since the late-Roman instances, some five kilometers of land have been taken away via the ocean together with a minimum of 23 cities and villages. Overall, greater than 1 / 4 of the British sea coast stories erosion at charges upper than 4 inches in step with yr.

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The view taking a look down at the village of Hallsands in Devon. Photo credit score: Herbythyme/Wikimedia

While coastal erosion is an inevitable herbal procedure, every now and then human process fueled via greed could cause it too. Quite a well-known instance of human-caused erosion is the now deserted coastal village of Hallsands in south Devon. At the flip of the 20th century, it used to be house to a small fishing neighborhood with round 40 constructions and a inhabitants of 160. By early 1917, handiest one space remained. But Hallsands’ erosion used to be now not sluggish, spanning a number of years that occurs naturally to villages constructed too just about an eroding coastline. It used to be abrupt—Hallsands disappeared right through the process a unmarried stormy evening.

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