How The London Bridge Was Sold to America

For centuries, youngsters and kindergarteners have sung and danced to the music of London Bridge is falling down, but if engineers found out that the London Bridge used to be if truth be told falling down within the early 1900s, it used to be no giggling topic. The stone bridge used to be simply over a century outdated, and used to be the busiest level in London crossed via 8,000 pedestrians and 900 automobiles each and every hour. Surveyors discovered that the bridge used to be slowly sinking—about one 3rd of a centimeter annually. When measurements had been taken in 1924, they discovered that the bridge’s east aspect stood some 9 cm not up to the west aspect. Another four a long time had handed earlier than the City Council may just arrive at a call.

Council member Ivan Luckin urged that as an alternative of demolishing the bridge, they must check out to promote it.

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The London Bridge in Lake Havasu City. Photo credit score: Adventures On Wheels/

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