How to correct a flawed composition

I created my authentic portray round this time closing 12 months, having been impressed by way of the huge fable landscapes by way of artists like Dongbiao Lu and Ruxing Gao. It was once my first stylised setting paintings. 

A 12 months later I used to be to see how I may support the piece. There was once one thing very a hit about it that was once possibly a glad coincidence on the time, however had persisted to evade my figuring out till now. 

Looking again at it, I began to realize mistakes within the artwork tactics used, together with the lights, design paintings, composition and form design. My problem was once to try to maintain what had labored then, whilst solving the composition to make a higher portray. 

01. Create a more potent basis

Reworking the picture comes to emulating a fish-eye lens

The lights within the authentic scene is inconsistent, which makes it tricky to know how the items occupy the gap they’re in. This is especially noticeable at the mountains and so I get started to paint over those first. I make a choice a mild supply – the solar coming from the highest left – and a few tough digital camera settings. To encapsulate the expanse of our surroundings, I try to emulate a fish-eye lens impact by way of having the bottom of the mountains converge on the backside after which including a slight curve to their trajectory upwards.  

02. Tackle the large shapes

Elements akin to clouds will have a dramatic impact on a portray

The clouds practice a curve that is helping put across their scale and place. I stay the form design in line with the mountain vary as it creates a fascinating repetition between the bottom and sky. I then redesign the monastery as a stylised dragon’s head, which works the whimsical fable temper I’m attempting to reach.

Simplifying clouds into huge, rounded paperwork is excellent for promoting their scale, but it surely begins to lead them to look like cast, hard-surfaced items. To convey again the softer really feel I get a divorce the not easy edges with easy gradients and smaller brush strokes, a few of them overlapping to point out translucency. This finer detailing was once additionally provide within the authentic and explains a lot of why it stays a respectable symbol, in spite of some technical flaws.

03. Adjust the point of interest

I need to stay the point of interest at the setting, so I paint the characters with a nearly graphical method. The folds of their clothes are represented with flat-coloured shapes slightly than detailed, high-contrast shadows. This made them really feel extra like a continuation of the dragon’s patterning slightly than fully separate items.

04. Redesign components

Ensuring your design components all are compatible in combination is an important

The dragon was once essentially the most attention-grabbing design in my authentic portray. I attempted to replace this design, however discovered it didn’t are compatible the Asian theme influencing the remainder of the picture. It additionally took up a lot of the gap, making the surroundings really feel cramped. So I switched it out for a conventional Chinese dragon, however saved a few of its Western options.

To merge the pointy triangles within the rooftops with the rounded shapes provide within the setting, I give their periphery a slight curve and emphasise the scale of the ornamental embellishes on the roof guidelines. This eliminates the not easy, architectural really feel and allows the structures to take a seat within the natural types of the mountain extra very easily.

05. Add components to create stability

The completed portray incorporates two dragons

Adding the second one dragon completes the composition by way of growing a gratifying triangle of pastime with the bigger dragon and the structures. It additionally reinforces the route by which the dragons are heading, serving to to put across the gap between the three items.

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