Katie’s Spectacular Qilin

Earlier this month on the Summer Vibe Tattoo Show on Long Island, I met “Katie Kahboom,” who had this again piece completed concurrently by means of two artists directly!
li%2B-kirin Katie's Spectacular Qilin tattoo

This Qilin, ceaselessly referred to as a Kirin, is a legendary Asian creature that may be a mash-up of types, a chimera with dragon options and the ones of some other, typically a hooved beast like a giraffe.

This was once the blended paintings of JK (@jktattoony) and Andy Jung (@andyjungtattoo), who determine of World Famous Tattoo Art Gallery (@worldfamoustattooartgallery) in West Babylon, New York.

Thanks to Katie and her staff of artists for sharing this wonderful paintings with us right here on Desymbol!

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icPpLRtIXrs Katie's Spectacular Qilin tattoo