Make grass in Unreal Engine

When developing architectural visualisation you want to constitute numerous main points, and some of the time-consuming is crops like grass, timber and timber. 

On this easy instructional I will be able to display the best way to temporarily create grass in Unreal Engine the usage of a low-poly mesh. Let's get to it.

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01. Import base low-poly FBX and texture

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You simplest want two planes on your base mesh

Our first step will probably be uploading our low-poly base mesh. I used simply two planes right here. It's so necessary that you simply map them first after which export, as this may increasingly make issues such a lot more straightforward later, and as standard take into accout to set devices to mm so we will export the proper dimension. As soon as imported we will be able to have our FBX and a subject matter sphere; when uploading fabrics on this means, we simply have so as to add the feel (PNG) and it’s going to then be implemented to our FBX base mesh.

02. Set subject matter and texture

Take into account to test the Two Sided choice

As soon as we’ve our texture imported we will be able to need to use it on the fabric and perform a little tweaking. To start with let's erase the empty texture component and set the fabric as Masked so we will use the feel PNG's alpha channel, then upload the feel and fix in Base Colour. Alternate the preview from sphere to a airplane, as this fashion we will see the grass. The problem this is that we will simplest see one facet and if we attempt to rotate it disappears; to keep away from this we need to take a look at the Two Sided choice, which is able to permit us to rotate it.

03. Scatter our grass

Paint over the realm the place you wish to have your grass scattered

Now with our FBX base style able we’ve to choose Foliage within the Modes panel. Drag and drop our FBX base mesh, as this fashion we will be able to have our mesh able to scatter. Cross to its settings and in Density let's set it to 120,000 and depart the entire different settings as they’re. We can see a sphere this is like our brush. Now we will scatter it, so click on and paint over the realm the place we would like the grass to be positioned. 

We’ve got now positioned some grass, however there’s a drawback: it does now not quilt all of the space we want. How are we able to quilt the whole space? First, erase the grass we simply positioned. Now, in Foliage there are 4 tabs: at the left, the Paint software is the only we will be able to use. Uncheck BSP after which click on within the space the place we want, and it’s going to be all lined with our grass. Now we’ve our foliage operating, we will trade a number of choices like scaling, scale x, radius and others. We can depart all of it as it’s for now.

04. Wind and ultimate settings

SimpleGrassWind allows you to deliver a bit motion for your grass

We’ve got some operating grass, however let's give it some wind. Head within the grass subject matter, kind Grass within the grid and choose SimpleGrassWind. Attach it to International Place Offset, then press 1 and click on at the grid. This may occasionally create a Subject material Expression Consistent, so now let's attach it to WindIntensity, WindHeight and in the end to AdditionalWPO and set its price to .055. This may occasionally lend a hand us upload motion to our grass, and you’ll check it with other values consistent with your wishes. All the time remember the fact that we will use one Subject material Expression Consistent for each and every variable. As soon as we’ve the end result we adore we will stay trying out new variables.

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