Previews: Josh Keyes & Lisa Ericson – “Tempest” & “Border Crossing” @ Thinkspace

Josh-Keye-Lisa-Ericson-01-e1539165831858-698x435 Previews: Josh Keyes & Lisa Ericson – “Tempest” & “Border Crossing” @ Thinkspace Random

On October 13th, Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles will probably be opening a duo display from Josh Keyes and his existence spouse, Lisa Ericson. Presenting complementing our bodies of labor titled Tempest and Border Crossing respectively, the Portland-based artist couple will probably be revealing their environmental & socio-political perspectives & issues in type of meticulously rendered hyperrealistic art work.

Keyes’ latest frame of labor continues his post-apocalyptic imagery depicting the aftermath of the continuing environmental disaster. The new items are ruled by means of a unmarried, normally animal personality, wandering via a surroundings that subtly conjures up a as soon as energetic human presence. Featuring tough imagery like a black bull popping out of the sea with a burning boat floating at the back of, waves hitting a huge statue, or a wholly skinned horse strolling via a elaborate box, the brand new items are set in a larger panorama, with meticulously depicted intensity and point of view. It is that this huge empty house that makes the pictures slightly eerier than earlier works whilst maintaining the poignant poetic environment. Once once more, it is the mix of an international so convincingly rendered, and so disastrously surreal, that creates an alarming really feel of unease, as we are looking at close-to photographic paperwork of our civilization’s alarmingly believable doomsday.

Ericson’s newest items revolve across the concept of coexistence and symbiotic paperwork in nature, proven via a colourful mix of animals, crops, or even parasitical ecosystems perched upon the backs of alternative creatures. Setting her renderings towards a contrasting pitch background, she creates a way of anxiety and displacement whilst portraying the delicacy and interdependence of all herbal infrastructures. Simultaneously, Ericson is evoking the analogy the all too acquainted pictures of human migration and the refugee disaster this is hitting shores globally.

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