Previews: Sandra Chevrier – “Cages and the Allure of Freedom” @ Lancaster MOAH

chev05_La-Cage-et-le-cri-muet-1024x818-698x435 Previews: Sandra Chevrier – “Cages and the Allure of Freedom” @ Lancaster MOAH Random

Tomorrow night time (October 21st) at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH), Sandra Chevrier (interviewed) will probably be presenting a brand new frame of paintings that includes her mask made of comedian guide imagery. Cages and the Allure of Freedom from Canadian-born artist the will probably be phase of a sequence of displays curated by way of Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Gallery, and will come with massive sculptural works from her for the first time.

Chevrier additional explains – “A person can consider till his final breath that he’s other from a Caged animal in a Zoo. But via all his existence till his dying; he’ll be dwelling in a jail with out partitions and will nonetheless consider he’s unfastened when in truth, on a regular basis he’ll be shackled, whipped, and exist in captivity. We are all slaves of one thing, of anyone, of an concept.

The Cages sequence as been revolving round submission, oppression, unfreedom, confinement and imprisonment. Cages are Cages, whether or not they have been construct with metal or from the cloth of the thoughts. We can’t be unfastened outdoor the Cage until we’re in a position to enjoy the freedom inside of it. The freedom is within us. Freedom inside of a Cage. I’ve a dream. A dream that freedom isn’t just an concept or a phrase. Only; It’s not that i am positive what it’s… Not but.”

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