Previews: Travis Louie – “Curious Organisms” @ KP Projects

seaDragon150-1-698x435 Previews: Travis Louie – “Curious Organisms” @ KP Projects Random

Tonight in Los Angeles, Travis Louie (interviewed) will probably be returning to KP Projects for a solo display that includes his unique surreal tackle antique pictures. Entitled Curious Organisms, the brand new exhibition sees the New York-based artist proceed his distinctive portraiture of anthropomorphic characters, actual global creatures or of the extra imaginary kind, oftentimes posing them in Victorian taste garb. Giving his extraordinary topics an sudden air of dignity, Louie is in a position to recreate the gelatin-silver really feel of early daguerreotype pictures via painstakingly making use of acrylic paint in clear layers like watercolors.

Louie additional explains – “I believe those characters coming right here from many various backgrounds and having to create a lifestyles for themselves all over the latter part of the 19th century into the 20th century. . . in an America this is experiencing the gold rush, popping out of the civil struggle, peoples coming right here to flee troubles from their hometown, or growth into the West following the recommendation of Horace Greeley’s editorial within the New York Tribune in 1865.”

As in line with his standard apply, every piece is accompanied via an in depth backstory which fascinating sufficient, he writes sooner than he creates the portray. Here is an instance for the piece beneath – “Charles ‘Cheetah Chops’ Nelson used to be a herbalist, biologist, comparative anatomist, and paleontologist who emigrated to Northern California within the 1850’s. It used to be believed that he used to be informed there used to be a ‘Mountain of Gold’ within the hills looking ahead to him, however that used to be now not why he got here right here. He had heard whispers that giant bones have been found out within the badlands and headed towards Montana and the Dakotas. There wasn’t a lot paintings for him in the beginning, so he ended up running at the railroad for a time in addition to being employed as a henchman for Jackalopes who incessantly bought ‘essential potions and cure-alls’ from the city to the city. He had some wisdom in their unpredictable homes and needed to fend off indignant cities other people on a number of events as the lack to observe the directions of those ‘medications’ would purpose nice bodily calamity like excessive hair enlargement or intense pores and skin discoloration. He famously fought off 15-20 relatively furry, brilliant crimson skinned opponents the use of his wonderful martial arts abilities and bullet evidence conceal (obviously the fodder for dime novels). He did finally end up within the Badlands within the 1880’s and settled there. He lived out his days fossil searching and educating Kung Fu to closed-door scholars.”

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