Rainbow Colored Mountains

Soil is generally brown, but if blended with the appropriate minerals in proper amounts, it will probably yield an interesting vary of colours. You’ll be able to see such coloring within the partitions of the Nice Canyon in Arizona and the barren region in Utah, however in some puts the colours are such excessive and sundry that it’s nearly surreal.

Danxia landform

Some of the highest examples of colourful landform is on Mount Danxia, in Guangdong Province, in China. The Danxia landforms are made from strips of purple sandstone alternating with chalk and different sediments that had been deposited over tens of millions of years, like slices of a layered cake. Over 700 person places had been recognized in China, most commonly in southeast and southwest China, the place this kind of colours and layers will also be observed—all of those are known as Danxia landforms.

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Photograph credit score: Evgeni Zotov/Flickr

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