Showing: Felipe Pantone – “W3-DIMENSIONAL Park” @ Siam Center

44914629_359697868137264_6173246264763671029_n-698x435 Showing: Felipe Pantone – “W3-DIMENSIONAL Park” @ Siam Center Random

Last week in Bangkok, Felipe Pantone unveiled an immersive set up on the Siam Center entitled W3-DIMENSIONAL Park. For his first appearing in Thailand, the Argentinian-Spanish artist created a sculptural illustration of his particular type of glitch results and optical artwork that transports audience into the virtual international. The name of the piece references the three dimensional facet of the World Wide Web (divs, tables, and iframes) and contains four authentic items which are a part of some contemporary initiatives. On view via 2019, the set up is a testomony to the graffiti artist and graphic fashion designer’s distinctive mix of spray portray and high-contrast, unconventional computer-generated graphics.

Photos by means of Siam Center & the artist.
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