Stuckie The Mummified Canine

Fifty years in the past a canine went up a tree chasing a racoon or one thing. He by no means got here down.

Rapid ahead two decades. A bunch of loggers minimize down a chestnut oak someplace in a woodland within the state of Georgia, america of The usa. After they sawed off the trunk, they found out the mummified corpse of a canine entombed inside of. It seems that, the canine had chased his prey down a hole within the tree the place it was caught after which died of hunger. Dry stipulations within the hole of the tree allowed the corpse to dry with out rotting. The upward draft of air it seems that carried the odor of the useless animal away, so it wasn’t gobbled through bugs or different creatures. The tannic acid of the oak, which is a herbal desiccant, additionally helped take in the moisture and hardened the animal’s pores and skin.

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Picture credit score: Scott Beahan/The Newsweek

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