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Previews: Geoff McFetridge – “The Beringians” @ Half Gallery

28432841_193667091235883_7617070017795850240_n-1-698x435 Previews: Geoff McFetridge – “The Beringians” @ Half Gallery Random

The following day (March ninth) in New York, Part Gallery will likely be opening a brand new display from Geoff McFetridge entitled The Beringians. On show would be the extremely stylized artwork from the Canadian artist together with his signature minimalistic way of breaking down the topic of his portraits to their most elementary shape, whilst enjoying with the viewpoint. He additional explains the name of the exhibition – “The Beringians had been the folks that lived at the Bering land bridge. Westcoasters. Their house was once the break up between two puts that then eroded and disappeared.” Check out a couple of extra preview photographs under…

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