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SJAIII / CDM Casas de México

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_22_0815 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner
  • Architects: CDM Casas de México
  • Location: San Juan de Alima, Mexico
  • Architects In Charge: Javier Dueñas, Jaime de Obeso
  • Collaborators: Estefanía Michel, Gloria López, Israel Machuca, Jimena Pérez, Rodrigo Carreón
  • Area: 137.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Rory Gardiner
  • Construction: Jorge Chávez
  • Structural Calculation: GSPI Grupo constructor
  • Design Team: Alejandra Plasencia
  • Landscape: Juan Carlos Pérez Trejo
  • Lightning: Artenluz, Javier Ten
CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_14_0341 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

Text description supplied through the architects. Throughout historical past, we now have seeked to meet the spatial wishes of humankind via structure, regularly turning our backs on our primeval house, earth, and thus ignoring that the relationships between the weather of its nature outline and decide house, and set the primary pointers for structure. This mission emerges, in a conceptual means, exactly from the ones relationships and it’s impressed within the mutualism that nature can reach taking into account lifestyles to exist even within the most harsh of stipulations.

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_11_0381 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner
SJAIII_0101_Floor_Plan SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture Floor Plan
CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_23_0994 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

The web site, in its herbal state, is a closely vegetated and rocky slope, ruled through endemic species that thrive within the mineral coldness and that develop intertwined with the tough hillside. This state submerges the person in an overly specific environment that inevitably forces the view in opposition to the sea, constituting a situation that may set the root for this mission.

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_15_0306 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

In its beginning, this system used to be idea to incorporate the introduction of a palapa and a pool; in different phrases, a roofing construction raised above the bottom to offer protection to from daylight, and a hollow within the stone to include water. Nonetheless, with this idyllic situation, enforcing this system upon the web site as though it had fallen virtually randomly resulted useless. The reasonably unconnected roofing construction of a palapa used to be rethought with a canopy that may extrude from the mountain itself in opposition to the sea, whilst the water must flood the stone to generate the pool, virtually in some way of a pond final after the turning tides.

CDM_SJAIII_Seccion SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture Section

Therefore, the slope of the web site used to be to be redirected with a flat duvet that seeks to mimetize with the environment, and that generates the internal house underneath it. While looking to all the time take care of the connection between constructed and wild, the indoors opens utterly to permit the breeze and the crimson sundown gentle to inundate the distance, aided through the hues of cedar masking the partitions.

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_24_0772 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

It is alternatively, the quilt on itself that leads to a mutable house that transforms into a real standpoint overlooking the immensity of the horizon all over sunlight hours, and an observatory for the celebs at evening time, appreciated through its place afar from synthetic gentle resources. These surprising purposes constituted a kind of a present for the customers.

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_17_0396 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

A terrace with the only real goal of the hedonistic excitement of feeling excellent and calm within the presence of the continual discussion set between natures, used to be then generated. The development invitations the spectator to shape a part of this discussion during the fabrics received from the web site itself, in addition to via stone and greenery, that determine an Indi sociable dating with where; very similar to the connection between a naked foot and sand.

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_16_0330 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

Seen from afar, the architectural ensemble integrates totally with the panorama, highlighting the sand-colored thick fascia of the quilt sticking out from the rock virtually like an accessory above nature, which doesn’t regulate the essence of it, however quite transforms it and confers a brand new that means. In the tip, it seems to be beautiful just like the mark on most sensible of the spanish letter Ñ.

CDM_15015_SJAIII_RG_02_0434 SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture © Rory Gardiner

dJKxk9JYRCg SJAIII / CDM Casas de México Architecture