3 Families – 3 Cubes / Chetecortes

Jolla_-_Maruja117 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture © Nadia Riva
  • Architects: Chetecortes
  • Location: Distrito de Asia, Peru
  • Architect In Charge: Daniel Cortés
  • Team: Lorena Alfaro / Ivette Ramírez
  • Area: 450.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Nadia Riva
PORTADA_Jolla_-_Maruja115 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture © Nadia Riva

Text description equipped by means of the architects. The mission is composed of a non-public seashore area in La Jolla apartment within the 101 kilometer south of Lima.

The Project is in the second one row, has lengthy shape, measuring 30 meters lengthy by means of 10 meters large.

Jolla_-_Maruja043 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture © Nadia Riva

The home is created for 3 households, oldsters and kids with spouses and grandchildren.
Each circle of relatives is represented by means of each and every dice with other fabrics and contours that shape a easy composition, simple to bear in mind. The place of each and every determine, shape the inner and external areas.

Jolla_-_Maruja008 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture © Nadia Riva

The home is designed to create an excellent spatiality, each distances and heights, was once necessary connection of the other areas and transparency during the home, alongside, width and top.

Jolla_-_Maruja002 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture © Nadia Riva

The Bridge:

Connects the home to longitudinal point, non-public bedrooms on the second one flooring with the social house first. It is the most important component that is helping create emotions and connecting the other areas. Play with other perceptions throughout the sounds it creates when strolling.

Materiality, allowed to have the specified amplitude sensation, even for having opaque parts between areas, akin to steel-wooden bridge, no longer misplaced  the peak required for the distance.

GRAFICA 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture Diagram

Terrace: (3 level-122m2)

It is designed as the most important house of ​​the home, with its personal personality, which you’ll be able to engage with the opposite areas. It flies over the second one flooring, serving to to make touch with the second one and primary flooring of the home.

CORTE_2 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture Section

First flooring: (Social Area)

It is designed as an open house with huge distances and breadth, the one opaque parts are the carrier house that may be identified by means of the outdoor aluminum hub and massive inner stone tower that’s the fireside and throughout the elevator. To make this imaginable the construction of the home was once designed as a big white arm, which others are hung, as the main bedroom.

Jolla_-_Maruja015 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture © Nadia Riva


All bedrooms have been designed with toilets incorporated, this gave us a premise for inner design. So we determined to take away brick partitions between the toilet and the bed room, and we designed of glass opaque to supply privateness with out disposing of mild, was once the most important level as it helped the belief of house is wider.

SIiYA8M4l70 3 Families - 3 Cubes / Chetecortes Architecture

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