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Chindōgu: The Japanese Art of Unuseless Inventions

You have surely observed a chindōgu. They are the ones ridiculous Japanese innovations designed to unravel a specific drawback however are, if truth be told, so clumsy and inelegant that they’re an inconvenience to make use of, and generate a complete lot of new issues. A couple of examples of chindōgu are: chopsticks with a miniature electrical fan to chill noodles on easy methods to the mouth; glasses with connected funnels that let the wearer to use eye drops with accuracy; tiny umbrellas connected to cameras to take image within the rain; a bathroom plunger with a hoop at one finish that attaches to train-car ceilings and purposes as a handrail in crowded carriages, and so forth.

“Basically, chindogu is equal to the Industrial Revolution in Britain,” says Kenji Kawakami, who coined the time period chindōgu, this means that “bizarre device” in Japanese. “The one giant distinction is that whilst maximum innovations are geared toward making existence extra handy, chindogu have larger disadvantages than precursor merchandise, so folks can’t promote them. They’re invention dropouts.”

chindogu-360-camera-hat6?imgmax=1600 Chindōgu: The Japanese Art of Unuseless Inventions Random

A 360-degree digicam hat for taking panoramic footage.

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