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Showing: Mark Dean Veca – “Passaggio di Pop” @ Crocker Art Museum

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After a grueling twelve days of portray, Mark Dean Veca (interviewed) has completed a brand new commissioned set up on the Crocker Art Museum entitled Passaggio di Pop. After he created a immersive revel in on the Sacramento establishment final yr for a bunch exhibition, the Los Angeles-based artist has returned because the recipient of the John S. Knudsen Prize, investment the introduction of a brand new site-specific set up in addition to the purchase of his Oh Yeah portray into the museum’s everlasting assortment. Combining his fashionable tackle Toile du Jouy patterns and his dithering methodology, Veca has taken an architectural element from the Crocker mansion and remodeled the hall gallery that hyperlinks Friedman Court to the first-floor schooling middle along with his free-hand linework in addition to digitally published vinyl.

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