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5 Reasons Amateur Designers Should Use CyberLink PhotoDirector

Designing isn’t easy. It doesn’t really matter where you stand today as a designer, what really matters is how quickly you learn, adapt, and upgrade your design skills.You can read all the designing tips and best practices on the internet but what really matters is how you perform practically. At times, it is just using the right tools.

CyberLink PhotoDirector happens to be a great choice for amateur designers for several reasons. Here are five best reasons why CyberLink PhotoDirector should be your first choice.


Easy to use

PC MAG calls it friendly yet powerful interface.

Let’s admit it, being an amateur designer, you need an easy start. You need an editing software that you can learn quickly and get started almost immediately.

If you’ve to watch a video tutorial before editing every single image, you won’t make it too far.

This is where CyberLink PhotoDirector comes into play. It is an easy-to-use editing tool that works perfectly for amateurs as well as professional designers. Once you get used to the basic functions, you can switch to its advanced versions.


Several features

This is where it gets really interesting. I have seen designers who use multiple tools because they don’t get all the features in a single powerful editing software. At the end, it gets frustrating because you’ve to move your image from multiple tools to finalize it.

Guess what, CyberLink PhotoDirector is one heck of an editing software that is extremely power-rich. It does pretty much everything you need from a photo editor.

Here are a few major features.

  • 360 degree photo editing
  • Intelligent photo fixer
  • Supports photos with motion
  • Easy layer editing
  • Supports raw format
  • GIF creator


Editing made easy

Why a photo editor and designer needs a photo editing software?

The whole point is to edit images and make them look better. If you cannot do it, you won’t stand a chance.

CyberLink PhotoDirector helps you with editing. Period.

Not just that it helps but you can start editing images fairly quickly. Adobe Photoshop is good, but it needs tine. You cannot edit a photo right away with it.

CyberLink PhotoDirector lets you do it right from day one. With its intelligent content-aware editing, you can start editing images like a pro right from day one. Besides, dealing with layers is easier than ever.


Supports raw formats

As a designer, you’ve to deal with raw formats. CyberLink PhotoDirector supports all the raw files from all the leading cameras. You just name it.

This makes it a designer’s best friend.

When you’re a designer, its best to shoot in raw for several reasons. If your photo editor doesn’t support raw files, you’ll have to shoot in another format and that’s not the best choice as a designer.



The best part, CyberLink PhotoDirector is affordable.

The biggest challenge amateur designers’ face is that they don’t have enough money to buy expensive image editing tools. You’re already in the struggling and learning phase, and that’s the time when you need an affordable yet powerful photo editor.

That’s where CyberLink PhotoDirector makes the equation even.

Stop chasing your dreams, fulfill your destiny and be one of the best designers in the town with the right image editor.

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