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Photographer Celebrates 100 Years Of Polish Independence With This Stunning Photoshoot

According to Polish photographer Sebastian Luczywo: “You would possibly not know however for 123 years Poland was once burnt up from the map of the sector. From 1795 to 1918 we ceased to exist. But now not in our hearts and minds. Partitioned between Austria, Russia and Prussia we at all times dreamed that one day we’d regain our independence. We fought our oppressors in some ways, in insurrections the place gentry and…


Photographer Paul Huf Captured Amazing Fashion Photoshoot In The Soviet Union In 1965

Paul Huf (1924-2002) was once an iconic Dutch photographer. He began his profession in 1946 on the “Comedia theater corporate”. In the Fifties, he changed into well-known because of his portraits of Queen Juliana of The Netherlands and Prince Bernhard. He additionally shot advertisings and model footage particulary with the type Ann Pickford. These footage are particulary chic and swish. In the sixties…