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John Jacobsmeyer’s Plywood Worlds Return in New Show

38513454170_c6675ac45e_o John Jacobsmeyer’s Plywood Worlds Return in New Show Art
John Jacobsmeyer’s plywood backdrops include scenes that discover fantastical narratives, and in recent times, online game tradition specifically. In his debut display at Jonathan Levine Tasks, titled “Nice Feats and Defeats,” continues a fascination with wooden for the artist that reaches again to his adolescence. The artist says that “rotary sawn pine plywood is reasonable but sturdy and together with getting used as sub-flooring and fencing for development websites. It’s additionally the fabric twelve-year-old kids will use to construct clubhouses within the woods the place they’ll rule their very own kingdoms, salary wars and rebuild larger and wilder every time.” Jacobsmeyer used to be ultimate featured on HiFructose.com right here.