The Disgusting Food Museum

A new museum aimed to attack the olfactory senses of tourists and churn their abdomen opened the previous day in Sweden’s 3rd greatest town, Malmo. Inside are more than a few shows that some cultures supposedly devour, comparable to fermented shark meat, bull penis, fermented herring, maggot cheese and ant larvae. It’s so dangerous that the museum supply guests with vomit luggage earlier than they input.

“I would like other people to query what they to find disgusting and understand that disgust is all the time within the eye of the beholder,” stated Samuel West, the founding father of the Disgusting Food Museum, who may be recognized for the Museum of Failure. “We typically to find issues we aren’t conversant in disgusting, as opposed to issues that we develop up with and are conversant in aren’t disgusting, irrespective of what it’s.”

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The odor of the durian fruit is so overpowering that many lodges and public transportation in southeast Asia have banished the fruit from their premises. Photo credit score: zol m/Flickr

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