The Negro of Banyoles

It’s something to stay the mummified frame of one thousand 12 months outdated pharaoh or a monk in a tumbler case in a museum, and any other to stuff the useless frame of an African warrior and show it like a trophy together with wild animals. As not too long ago as eighteen years in the past, you have to have noticed him on the Darder Herbal Historical past museum within the town of Banyoles, close to Barcelona, Spain. He was once about 4 and a 1/2 toes tall, moderately stooped, shoulder raised, with a spear in a single hand and a protect at the different. His charcoal-colored frame was once lined by means of a small orange loincloth wrapped round his waist. For the simpler a part of a century, generations of Europeans gaped on the half-naked frame of this anonymous African bushman, who was once recognized simplest as “El Negro” or “The Black Guy”, sooner than a global protest compelled the Spanish govt to ship him again to his hometown in Botswana for a correct burial.

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