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feature_image Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho
  • Architects: Ubiwhere
  • Location: Aveiro, Portugal
  • Architect In Rate: Margarida Carvalho
  • Space: 591.52 m2
  • Challenge Yr: 2017
  • Pictures: Margarida Carvalho
  • Collaborator: João Rui Costa
39 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho

Textual content description supplied via the architects. The intervention area was once difficult: two structures with greater than 100 years of news. Two distinct structures of the early 20th century with two primary streets, whose primary objective was once to turn into the brand new headquarters of Ubiwhere, a tool corporate. The homes had been disregarded via the passage of time and flogged via the desertion, bringing to the challenge redoubled complexity. Positioned in Aveiro’s town middle, within the well-known “Barrocas” house, the challenge is a part of a consolidated and most commonly a residential house. The principle issue could be to handle the essence of the flip of the century, adapting it to the current day with particular care and authenticity, due to this fact, the primary function was once to maintain and repair the present buildings within the two structures, maintaining the marks of time.

40 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho
1 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture Planta – Primeiro Pavimento
26 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho

For the primary construction, of genesis uni with three flooring, the preservation and recovery of the present buildings had been selected with a purpose to valorize the pre-existence and to conform it to the brand new instances, seeking to be the least intrusive conceivable. The headroom created via the inclination of the duvet was once used with the restoration of the unique beams and skylights that introduced herbal gentle to the home. Assembly rooms and workspaces had been created, with a brand new id and idea. Nonetheless, in the similar construction, within the outdated basement and present cover, a extra naked persona was once maintained, against this to the carpentry works from the highest ground with the usage of micro-milling. This ground is finished via the versatility given via the addition of pine picket items that arrange and visually heat the distance up, and the place the floor subject material turns into furnishings. The strap beam is a bench seat, punctually interrupted via the outside spans.

9 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho

In the second one construction, of bi-familiar genesis with two flooring, bearing in mind its irritated state of conservation, handiest the outside partitions had been thought to be, demolishing all its inner. The target was once to intrude all the way through its construction, organizing on this quantity two spacious and minimalist areas, permitting them to have a variety of herbal gentle, resulting in a just right atmosphere for teamwork. The structural resolution of the 2 pillars functioned as quilt fortify and arranged the distribution of the internal furnishings in four operating islands.

21 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho

The prevailing challenge collided with the primary issue encountered: the relationship between the 2 structures. The principle front, having an inadequate width, made the challenge much more complicated. With an enormous divergence of dimensions between the 2 structures, because of the slope of the road, the glass was once the selected part, permitting the lawn to be beheld from the primary front in the street and functioning as a connective and impermeable part. As well as, the lightness of the steps, completed via the thickness of the fabric, gave the primary front awesome modernity and minimalism, traits of the overall idea of area.

18 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho

At the primary leading edge, closely weathered, blue beveled tiles had been positioned, unifying the structures to satisfy the Ubiwhere idea. The integrity of the lateral leading edge was once maintained, the usage of trendy fabrics for its rehabilitation. At the rear one, it was once determined to not unify keeping up the formal range feature of the “Canastro Island”.

13 Ubiwhere's Headquarters / Ubiwhere Architecture © Margarida Carvalho

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