XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review

1-remote XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off is recently the one choice for the Wacom Expresskey Far off. It doesn’t be offering slightly as many buttons because the Wacom Expresskey Far off, however with a worth of 36 USD which is not up to part the 100 USD worth of the Wacom far off, it’s a tempting be offering for any person who needs a shortcut far off, however thinks the Wacom far off is just too expensive for what it does.

In my overview, I am hoping to make it transparent to you whether or not the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off is a profitable low worth choice to the Wacom Expresskey Far off, or if its high quality is reflective of its lower cost.

I purchased the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off to make use of at the XP-Pen Artist 22HD since the pill used to be just too large and I may just no longer with ease use an ordinary sized keyboard along it.

On some other observe, Wacom units include a integrated Radial Menu device, while the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off does no longer. To treatment this, I made use of a loose program known as RadialMenu (http://radialmenu.weebly.com/) which used to be created to present non-Wacom customers get admission to to radial menu and on-screen toolbar purposes as smartly.
I will be able to overview the loose RadialMenu device at a later time, however so far as I’ve observed, it completely replicates the skills of Wacom’s Radial Menu device and I extremely counsel you have a look into it if you need on-screen purposes.

In any case, onto the overview!

Please observe, I’m really not a Mac or Linux consumer!! I handiest examined this instrument on Home windows eight and Home windows 10.
Additionally observe, costs will have modified since I wrote this overview.

Desk of Contents

How just right is that this instrument?

Design and construct high quality: Respectable.
Drivers/Device: Fairly just right!
Precise utilization: Honest.

General: Utterly use-able, however many design facets mirror the lower cost.

My verdict:
-General, this instrument is totally use-able and it’s going to get the process achieved slightly smartly.

All my lawsuits are quite idealistic and it is advisable to argue that the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off is if truth be told relatively top of the range for its low worth, so I will be able to have to go away it to you to come to a decision for your self whether or not you need the price range XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off, or the Wacom Expresskey Far off.

Essential specs

Worth: 35.99 USD (when this overview used to be written) Amazon.com
Buttons: 10 programmable buttons, 1 rotating wheel
Battery: 1x AAA alkaline battery (no longer integrated)
Wi-fi: 2.four GHz

What’s within the field?

2-box1 XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The far off is available in a easy small field with an image of the far off on it. There’s truly not anything particular to mention about it.

3-contents1 XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The issues that come within the field:

  • XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off
  • Wi-fi USB dongle
  • Motive force set up CD
  • Person handbook
  • “Thanks” card

4-cd XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

Please obtain the shortcut far off drivers from XP-Pen’s website online as a substitute of the use of the out of date drivers at the CD. I put in and examined the drivers at the CD and they’re restricted in comparison to the brand new drivers to be had on XP-Pen’s website online.

5-remote XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The far off has a identical design to the Wacom far off with buttons at the backside, and a round button at the best. The wheel house if truth be told takes up slightly somewhat of house, and I will be able to’t lend a hand however ponder whether they may have have compatibility a couple of extra buttons on there by way of transferring the wheel over to the facet somewhat.

6-buttons XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The buttons are easy plastic buttons. The one bodily indicator of which button your finger is on is the raised line at the heart key, very similar to how a 10-key numpad has a raised line at the five key.
I had no issues navigating the keypad with none bodily indicator bumps as a result of I stay my hands at the identical edge keys at all times, however that relies on how you employ your instrument I assume.

The buttons themselves really feel… subpar, at maximum. They’re quite squishy to make use of and I a lot desire the snappier feeling of the keys on my 15 USD Logitech keyboard, however I assume that is beautiful par for the direction for its low worth. The buttons are totally use-able and don’t if truth be told get in the best way of drawing, they only don’t really feel wonderful.

7-wheel XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The wheel is fabricated from silver plastic which is if truth be told slightly slippery. The bumps at the plastic are there that can assist you grip the wheel, however they’re quite too small to lend a hand when your finger is dry or slippery.

So mainly, it’s no longer best possible, however it’s totally workable. When I followed a technique the place I take advantage of each my index and heart finger to spin the wheel, the slipperiness of the plastic used to be not a subject.

8-wireless XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The wi-fi image above the rotating wheel lighting up in brief when the far off is became on and while you click on the buttons or spin the wheel.

The sunshine isn’t so brilliant that it distracts you out of your drawing.

9-plastic XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

As you’ll be able to see, the black plastic across the wheel is a fingerprint magnet. I used to be by no means one that minded all these fingerprint magnets so long as the instrument works, but when it bothers you this may not be the instrument for you.

10-profile XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The far off is relatively slender with a thickness reasonably greater than a contemporary smartphone.

11-back1 XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The again of the far off has two rubber toes which are supposed to permit the instrument to persist with your display screen. It sticks onto a blank display screen for angles of round zero to 60 levels. Any steeper than that and the rubber toes can’t hang the far off in position.
Observe: I’ve spotted that the rubber toes don’t stick if they have got even a slight quantity of mud on them, so check out cleansing the rubber toes and pill display screen for those who to find that it’s not gripping the track.

12-onoff-switch XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The on/off transfer is at the again. Off is against the center, and On is against the out of doors. Neatly, if you’ll be able to’t take into accout which is which, simply toggle it to peer if the sunshine at the entrance flashes on.

Something to notice is this far off appears to be made to just use energy when a button is pressed, so even though you allow it on, it shouldn’t fritter away battery so long as not one of the buttons are being pressed.
In fact, I’m really not 100% certain about this, so it’s most secure to show it off on every occasion you don’t seem to be the use of it.

13-battery XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

This shortcut far off calls for one AAA battery to energy it. It indubitably would were great if it had a integrated rechargeable battery, however the use of one AAA battery isn’t a lot of a trouble within the first position.
Sadly, I do not know how lengthy one battery will closing for, however I believe it must closing for greater than a yr (referencing the truth that Floor Professional pens closing for round a yr when used often, they usually use a smaller AAAA battery).

14-usb-slot XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

At the again is a slot for the USB dongle. The USB dongle suits snugly in that slot and won’t fall out regardless of how laborious you shake the far off.

That sounds just right to start with, however actually, because of this it’s merely inconceivable to drag the dongle out together with your finger. You’re on no account going to lose the dongle, however you additionally aren’t going with the intention to get it out with out a wedge. It’s a good suggestion with the intention to retailer the USB dongle at the far off, however it used to be poorly achieved on this case.

General, there’s truly not anything totally deal-breaking with the construct high quality of the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off, particularly while you think about the associated fee.


The drivers for the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off are simple to put in. Be sure you obtain the newest drivers from XP-Pen’s website online as a substitute of the use of the driving force set up CD as a result of the most recent ones have larger customization choices.

15-shortcut XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random
15-icon XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

While you set up the drivers, they’re going to routinely create a desktop shortcut so that you can simply to find and open the settings.

When your instrument is plugged in, there will probably be an XP-Pen icon within the gadget tray. You’ll be able to click on that to open the instrument settings as smartly.

16-settings XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The settings of the shortcut far off are easy sufficient. Each and every button has its corresponding drop-down menu the place you’ll be able to make a choice to assign the default serve as, run a program, or assign a serve as key.
Observe: A large number of Amazon opinions say some buttons don’t seem to be programmable, however the ones opinions are improper or out of date. The entire buttons are programmable with the present XP-Pen drivers.

The cover hints checkbox controls whether or not the “hints” display up on display screen. Hints are phrases that display up close to the ground of your leading track to inform you which serve as button you simply pressed and used.
The most important drawback with the hints is that they’re going to handiest display up to your leading track, so in case your pill is ready as the second one non-main track, the hints is not going to display up there. They’re additionally relatively pointless in comparison to Wacom’s Expressview as a result of those hints handiest display up after you press the button, and no longer ahead of.

17-function-key XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random
17-function-key2 XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The usage of the serve as key possibility, you’ll be able to assign mouse clicks, keyboard shortcuts, or some of the 4 further purposes constructed into the driving force. I consider the Transfer Observe serve as does no longer paintings for non-XP-Pen pills.

Something to notice is that you can not mix any of the three sorts of purposes in combination. As an example, you can not assign proper click on and alt in the similar serve as key. Alternatively, you’ll be able to assign proper click on to a pen button and alt to a serve as key and use them together that approach, so no longer having the ability to assign them in combination isn’t an issue in any respect.

To be very truthful, I don’t even know of any shortcuts which use a mix of proper or heart mouse click on and a keyboard key, so I truly doubt that no longer having the ability to mix them can also be counted as a con, however I believed I’d point out it as a result of I noticed a overview on Youtube pointing that out concerning the new XP-Pen drivers.

18-dial-menu XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random
18-dial-menu2 XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

Within the Dial tab, you’ll be able to assign scroll, arrange your individual keyboard shortcuts, or assign no motion.

There are not any pre-built purposes except for scroll and no motion, so you’ll have to fit the zoom/rotate/brush dimension keyboard shortcuts of your program with the keyboard keys assigned to the dial.
I a lot desire this customization way over the drivers which handiest permit you to select amongst pre-built purposes as the ones ceaselessly don’t paintings in lots of systems, leaving the rotating wheel unuseable because of the truth that you can not customise it and use it on your program.

Something I’ve spotted concerning the wheel settings is that on laptop start-up, the settings will routinely birth on the 3rd shortcut, even though the 3rd shortcut is ready to “no motion”. If you don’t assign a KL/KR Transfer serve as to any button, make certain the serve as you need assigned to the wheel is at the 3rd serve as, another way your wheel might do a complete bunch of not anything.

19-programs-option XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

Alongside the highest of the drivers, you’re going to realize a plus and minus button. The ones upload or take away profiles that are assigned to precise systems. This makes it so that you could make customized profiles which can transfer particularly when the assigned program is recently getting used.
The “Different” profile is the default profile which will probably be used when no systems you have got assigned profiles to are getting used.

It’s nice that they applied the facility to routinely transfer profiles in line with the present program, however for my part, I might very a lot admire it if there used to be a approach to import and export profiles. That approach, I wouldn’t need to manually set all my shortcuts once more after reinstalling the drivers.
Is it an issue that you’ll be able to’t import and export profiles? No longer specifically, however it’s nonetheless one thing that I would really like applied.

The consumer enjoy!

20-user-experience XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Remote Review Random

The XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off didn’t truly obstruct me in any respect whilst I used to be drawing with it. The buttons are reasonably delicate, however they press correctly and turn on all of the purposes that they’re intended to, and I didn’t stumble upon any freezes with the drivers. I used to be ready to make use of the XP-Pen far off with each my Ugee HK1560 and XP-Pen Artist 22HD with out a issues.
I will be able to slightly in truth say that I wouldn’t thoughts the use of the shortcut far off as an alternative on large pills just like the XP-Pen Artist 22HD the place the use of my keyboard with ease isn’t viable, however I for my part nonetheless desire keyboards when I will be able to use them.

The most important “drawback” that I bumped into whilst the use of the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off is that there’s no strategy to determine which serve as the rotating wheel is recently on. As an example, when you have zoom, rotate, and brush dimension assigned to the rotating wheel, for those who overlook which serve as you have been closing on, it’s important to take the additional step of spinning the wheel simply to determine which serve as you’re recently on.
I addressed this drawback by way of assigning Ctrl+House (zoom modifier in Clip Studio Paint) to the button in the midst of the rotating wheel, and assigning rotate to the wheel itself. This manner, the rotating wheel is just for rotate, and the button within the heart is zoom, and I waste no time converting purposes when zooming and rotating.
I assigned Ctrl+Alt (brush dimension modifier in Clip Studio Paint) to another serve as key as I dislike the use of the rotating wheel for brush dimension within the first position.

Some other drawback is that the bezel on each my pills is smaller than the shortcut far off, so the shortcut far off intrudes onto the display screen somewhat. It’s a slight drawback that it blocks the Document and Edit buttons, however even Wacom’s expresskey far off does that at the Cintiq Professional 13 and 16. You simply have to raise the far off to get admission to that segment of the display screen, or set customized purposes on RadialMenu to permit you to use the ones Document/Edit purposes with out clicking in that house of the display screen.


I believe the features of the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off are truly forged for the associated fee it’s bought at. When you’re positive with a reasonably decrease high quality shortcut far off, you’ll be able to maximum indubitably settle with the XP-Pen AC19 Shortcut Far off + loose RadialMenu (http://radialmenu.weebly.com/) device to get capability nearly totally on par with what you could possibly get from the Wacom Expresskey Far off.

Puts to shop for

XP-Pen Retailer | Amazon.com | Amazon.ca
Folks dwelling in different areas must test their areas Amazon or see if the XP-Pen Retailer ships to them.

In case you have any questions concerning the pill, be happy to invite me!

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